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Front Row Development 

Stay ahead of the pack! Front Row Club and Primal Sports Conditioning can now offer technical coaching and strength & conditioning programs "Specific" to Front Rowers. 

Program Starts 3rd February. Enrol NOW

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Lineout Development Program 

Learn the specific skills required to help you become a dominant lineout player.                     Each week you can participate in specilaised coaching sessions by Ross Kennedy (former Crusader and Hurricanes lock )

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Off Season Training

The off season isn't the time to go off your game. It's the time to make the biggest gains and improve your perormance for next year. 

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Primal Athletes


Luke Katene

Canterbury ITM Rugby Cup winners 2013.

Kosei Ono

Plays for Japanese national team and Suntory Rugby. 

Tori Gapper

Canterbury Women's 7's Rugby team 2014 and Premier netball player.

Speed Training

If you have the need for speed in your game we can help you develop multidirectional speed that will set you apart from your competition.  

Learn how to accelerate, stop quickly, change direction, run backward and  laterally. Understand how your strength and power training ties in with your speed development and general movement efficiency.                                               

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Latest Blog

Getting Strong In The Off Season

At Primal we have a formula written on a wall.  Strength X Speed = Power.        Most athletes have a goal to be more powerful. Before you can develop greater power you need to develop more strength.

Therefore to maintain your power and speed during your competition season you also need to maintain your levels of strength.

Ensure your weekly programming has strength components that incorporate all your major movements and those important primary driver muscles.

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